Welcome on the official website of Sesap s.r.l.

The fast changing of the markets has changed therefore the demands of the firms in the relationships with the foreign countries, that require more and more safety in the operate.

For this reason we offer a consulting and an assistance complete service, for all that concerns customs operations, the study of the in force, technical-customs, fiscal and tributary normatives.

To highly make this qualified and professional service, devotes a lot of time to the management of the customs operations and the study of the normative in force, technical-customs, fiscal and tributary.

Besides we own a complete database, updated on the principal suppliers of services for every kind of consignment (earth, sea, sky).

Strong, thanks to the competences matured by the professionals of the society in over one decade of activity, we set our study among the more interesting professional realities of the area of Piacenza, specializing us on the custom subject and on the exchanges with the foreign countries.